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March 2009

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Seeds to Success Gardening Class - Mondays from March 16th-31st, 2009.

This Month's Meeting

Obama to weatherize 1 million homes per year

The 'Organic Stamp' - Does It Mean That Food Is Safer

What you're really pouring from that carton of orange juice

Update - Plastic Bags?

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Next Meeting: 6-8 March 9th at the Chamber of Commerce.
Green Committee Newsletter - 3/5/09
Hello Everyone,

I've had several requests to send this month's newsletter to the whole membership. If you would like to join the Green Committee's mailing list, please click the "signup" button to the left.

I hope the late winter is treating you well and thank you for all of the enthusiasm and great newsletter submissions. See you at Monday's meeting if you can attend.

Seeds to Success Gardening Class - Mondays from March 16th-31st, 2009.
Just in time for the spring planting season, Raye Hodgson of Hodgson Biologic will be offering a three-class gardening mini-course, "Seed to Success How Windsor Can Take Care of Itself!" sponsored by the Chamber's Green Committee.

Cost $10 per session per person (pre-paid $25 for all three). You may sign up for one, two or all three sessions, but each builds upon the other and there won't be time to repeat presentations from an earlier session.

For more information:

This Month's Meeting
This month's meeting will be at the Chamber of Commerce from 6-8 on March 9th.

Last month's meeting was small but we had at least one new face from Sterling Planet. Activity is building and quite a few people emailed saying they couldn't make it but would in the future.

Let me know if the date works out well. (second Monday of the month 6-8) This is just an hour earlier than the Windsor Garden Club. If no one objects, we'll move the day so people can attend both in the future.

Obama to weatherize 1 million homes per year
"Barack Obama started talking about wanting to weatherize more low-income homes long before the economic crisis.

During the campaign, he mostly talked about it as a way to reduce the country's carbon footprint, reduce dependence on foreign oil and cut energy costs for low-income families.

When the economy turned sour, he then emphasized that it also could create thousands of green jobs. That's how it got included in the economic stimulus package he signed on Feb. 17."

Read more:

The 'Organic Stamp' - Does It Mean That Food Is Safer
"Although the rules governing organic food require health inspections and pest-management plans, organic certification technically has nothing to do with food safety.

"Because there are some increased health benefits with organics, people extrapolate that it's safer in terms of pathogens," said Urvashi Rangan, a senior scientist and policy analyst with Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports. "I wouldn't necessarily assume it is safer." "

More info:

What you're really pouring from that carton of orange juice
"I tell people if you like it, drink it, but not because you think it's good for you. You'd be better off with a whole orange than a glass of orange juice. It has more fiber and more vitamin C. But I'm not a dietitian. The book is not about whether you should drink orange juice and whether it's healthy. It's about how little consumers know about how popular and - in the case of orange juice..."

"Her book, "Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice," due out in May from Yale University Press, reveals that orange juice, with its image as a natural Florida product, bears the fingerprints of chemists and is often shipped from South America."

Update - Plastic Bags?
I am happy to report that the local supermarket sells reusable bags for less than a dollar. It's time to switch. Refuse to accept free disposable bags.

Connecticut Food Association publishes a great list of pending environmental and labor bills.

They might take a different approach on labor issues, plastic bag bills, and expansion of the bottle bill. You be the judge:

They also promote single stream recycling:

Coming Soon:
- We have a local CSA (farm share) available in town this year. Pay for a "share" a share of the farm's produce and pick up 1-2 bags of food every week all summer. It's a wonderful way to save money, eat well, and meet the people growing your food.

- Look for details about a farmers market in the center of the town this summer through First Town Downtown

- Rain barrels available through the town.

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